In the outlet zone, we have prepared for you products that are very popular in our stationary outlet, and which not all of you can reach. We decided to make it possible for you via e-outlet. Here you will find fully functional and useful products that have delicate, visual defects created during the production process - tiny spots, hooks, crooked logo transfer, other color shades, batch ends. The products included in this catalog will change depending on the current production schedule. We want to keep the main idea of ​​selling outlet products in second quality, so these products will be offered at attractive, low prices so that you can purchase and use them, rather than being disposed of, although their functionality is maintained.
The products available in the OUTLET zone are NOT RETURNABLE OR REPLACEMENT due to defects they have and the lack of packaging and tags. Therefore, we do not accept returns, in order to avoid the situation that the products we offer in the second grade and without the tag, and additionally tried on by the first owner, were not treated by subsequent buyers as a used product.

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