The history of our company really began with one thread and an idea, which we tried to implement day and night, counting ups and downs, as it usually happens at the beginning. Our ideas for classic underwear and attempts to sew the first patterns allowed us to create a beautiful, coherent collection, which resulted in our first success on the local market.


Following the changes and the desire to adapt to the dynamic market of the 90s, we purchased the first seamless machine that stood alone in the garage, and we learned how to handle it.


In this way, by taking small steps, gaining new knowledge and skills in the field of seamless underwear production, we have become one of the few producers in our country. Determination and enthusiasm for the development of this technology have opened up huge opportunities for us to produce and implement many ideas, not only underwear, but also fashion, with which designers and business partners turn to us.


We now focus all our attention on developing and controlling our most important production pillars. We primarily care about: the highest quality control of raw materials and fibers from which our products are made in, development and modernization machine park, investing in the development and support of experienced knitters and dressmakers, as well as flexible adaptation to designer changes in design.


Hanna Style and Haster underwear is made in Poland from start to finish in our machine park in Komorniki. We use delicate, airy yarns to manufacture products that pass through the stages of dyeing, cutting, sewing, transferring logos, quality control, packaging and storage. We produce men's underwear - Haster, women's underwear - Hanna Style and children's underwear. We offer, among others, collections of underwear: classic, corrective, laser, fitness, pregnancy and thermoactive. The mission of our company is to provide the customer, above all, with highly comfortable and maximally useful underwear at an affordable price.


The seamless technology makes our underwear very comfortable, it does not stick into the body, does not irritate it, and innovative technologies and refinements (you can read more about it here - click) make it possible, in addition to comfort, to provide antibacterial, breathable and protect your body and skin.


After the changes we have undergone, we want to be perceived as your good friend who knows the products that it offers, does not promise something that does not exist and, above all, knows your needs, because he is a consumer himself and strives for the highest quality and comfort of the underwear used. The value we are most proud of is that underwear is produced in Poland and thanks to your awareness and choice of our products, we exist and continue to operate dynamically on the market, despite such a huge amount of underwear offered by the Chinese market.


We are supporters of innovative ideas in the underwear industry and modern methods of company management, which is confirmed by the awards granted, among others Of the Poznań Entrepreneurship Leader in 2008. From the beginning of our activity, we focus on the quality of products and the quality of company management, as confirmed by the ISO 9001: 2008 certificate.


We actively support local initiatives and pro-ecological solutions. Our entire production facility is powered by energy generated from our latest investment in an integrated solar panel system. Moreover, we actively support public and social educational campaigns in the field of ecology. We have a wide distribution network of products in the country (including Rossmann chains), as well as abroad in Slovakia, the Czech Republic, Denmark, Ukraine, the Netherlands, France and Germany.