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Laser boxer shorts, slimming

Laser boxer shorts, slimming

Laser boxer shorts, slimming

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  • Slimming boxers,
  • Made in LASERCUT technology,
  • Pants to mid-thigh,
  • They slim down, heal cellulite,
  • They do not stand out under clothes,
  • Beige
  • Black


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INVISIBLE laser underwear is the perfect solution if you want to make your underwear invisible under your clothes. The LASERCUT flat finish makes the underwear adhere perfectly to the body and does not stand out under clothing. Underwear is ultra thin and light, while remaining soft to the touch. High-quality Italian material ensures maximum wearing comfort and maintains the size. Laser underwear is the essence of elegance and femininity. The INVISIBLE collection offers thongs, panties and shorts so that you can find the perfect cut for yourself. Available in classic colors, but also in seasonal fashionable shades.


Innovation in the field of weight loss


It stimulates microcirculation in the skin, which has a positive effect on the oxidation of cells and ensures better fat burning.

Heals Cellulite:
Underwear improves circulation, prevents water retention in the skin. Clinical tests have confirmed that Revolutional Slim underwear is effective in reducing skin wrinkling caused by cellulite.
Caffeine, retinol, fatty acids, aloe, vitamin E are extremely effective in reducing cellulite, which is a troublesome ailment of almost 90% of women.

It does not stand out under clothes:
The laser cutting technology provides a flat finish (without the use of rubber bands), which means that there are no visible lines under the clothes.
Cosmetic underwear of this type gives a sense of comfort every day, while performing various activities.

The effectiveness of the products of the Revolutional Slim line has been confirmed during tests which have proved that the material from which our underwear was made slims, firms and strengthens the skin. Tests confirm that the underwear is hypoallergenic, so it does not cause allergies or irritation.

It works effectively at eliminating cellulite.

It is an innovative material that in the process of microencapsulation has been enriched with caffeine, retinol, fatty acids, aloe and vitamin E. These factors actively affect the skin - strengthening and firming it and slimming the figure.

After 56 days of wearing innovative slimming underwear
Revolutional Slim expect:

  •     Hip circumference reduction to 2.5 cm.
        Increase in skin firmness (in 85% of cases).
        Reduction of excess water in cells - an average of 0.48 liters.
        Reduction of the orange peel effect on the skin - in 75% of cases.

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Latem jest dla mnie zbawieniem. Dzięki niemu nie mam obtartych ud i dyskomfortu z tym związanym. Fajnie leżą i dobrze modelują. Silikon się nie odparza nawet w bardzo gorące dni.


M(ka) w L(ce)

Mam już dwie pary, więc jestem zadowolona, tyle tylko, że pierwszą zamówiłam L , potem M , która zdecydowanie leży lepiej ( noszę L). Co do obietnic po 56 dniach cóż jeszcze poczekam z oceną. Na pewno ładnie spłaszczają brzuch i wyszczuplają uda. Nie uciskaja i nie rolują się pomimo iż przy nogawkach nie ma silikonu. Generalnie POLECAM



Bokserki super, przeciw obcieraniu się ud i super na lato bo nie odparzają pupy. Czy rzeczywiście odchudzają dam żnąc za jakiś czas, aczkolwiek podczas noszenia jest dość specyficzne uczucie jakby rzeczywiście tam coś się działo :)

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Laser boxer shorts, slimming

  • Slimming boxers,
  • Made in LASERCUT technology,
  • Pants to mid-thigh,
  • They slim down, heal cellulite,
  • They do not stand out under clothes,

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