Hanna Style and Haster Underwear - thermoactive underwear for the whole family.

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Despite the fact that the pandemic stopped us at home and most of us had to cancel our winter trips, we encourage you to buy and check our offer of thermo-active underwear, as well as thermo-active clothing.

From the weather observations, it can be seen that we are divided into two groups of people - total chilly people, who do not like winter and generally low temperatures, and people who have a problem that they are overheated, and this makes them sweat and wet which leads to chill their body. We have our own methods and collections for this.

If you're really chilly person, nothing better to keep you warm than an enveloping thermal set made of natural Alpaca or Merino wool fibers. Such a composition of yarns is a success - that is, maintaining the heat that accumulates between the skin and the fabric. So you can go ahead and choose thermoactive pants from the MERINOWOOL or ALPACAWOOL lines and a thermoactive shirt to the set. We also recommend merino wool t-shirts, which can be found in our OUTLET and can serve as an incentive to test this type of fiber, especially if you are worried about whether you will like such a fiber at all.


If, in turn, you belong to the second group - I recommend you a thermo-active set, which is like a second skin that works perfectly with your body. These are products with technologies that drain excess sweat through channels in the fibers, which prevents the material from getting wet, and also has the function of quick drying in the event of excessive sweat accumulation. Therefore, the PROCLIMA collection of thermoactive clothing, which is the classic equivalent of winter comfort and activity, will be the best for you. This is the most basic collection of Hanna Style thermoactive clothing, with which you can easily start the beginning of your seamless adventure.

If you intend to use this model in the PREMIUM version right away, then we recommend the ULTRACLIMA collection, which is the most refined and technologically advanced collection of thermoactive underwear, thanks to the use of the highest quality polypropylene fibers. The maximum level of breathability, lightness, quick drying and antibacterial protection are all that Hanna Style and Haster Underwear clothing have in them.

Remember, Dear ones, you can buy thermoactive clothing from the basic collection for the whole family - because we have it in women's, men's and children's collections.


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