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The idea of BLACKWEEK came to us from the States, where the hot sale season was to precede Christmas. The idea is to some extent good, although it strongly encourages consumerism on a large scale, which in the current ecological situation in the world is not entirely appropriate, but who would not like this time of buying gifts and making others and themselves happy? I remember the times when Black was only FRIDAY, then WEEKEND was a great two-day of crazy shopping, then it seemed amazing, two days OF sale?! How it is possible?

Now a week of sale, month of sale… Can we afford a week of shopping madness? Is it really an occasional one and are we not too tired of it? Another controversial element of this "holiday" is also the granting of discounts. You can read huge signs -50%, almost like for free, mega sale, but is it fair to the customer when we first increase his price list by 100% and then give him a 50% discount?

Hanna Style is rather skeptical and distanced to Blackweek. Even more so, as a Polish producer, we believe that making customers into the so-called "egg" is not only unfair, because Poles do not like to be treated this way, but also has a negative impact on the image and reception of the brand. Beloved, we decided to give you the biggest discount we can, MAY YOU were satisfied and we did not go with the bags. To maintain the idea of ​​this BLACKWEEK, however, on November 23 - November 30, 2020. on our store on, a discount on all products of our brand will be enabled. For a week we will be able to enjoy a discount on Hanna Style underwear -15%. At the same time, we would like to inform you that other discount codes will not be able to be combined then.



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