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  • Size: E 75
    • -zł5.00

    Sports bra

    zł49.43 zł54.43
    • Sports bra,
    • Adjustable, wide straps to prevent sticking to the skin,
    • Fastened at the back,
    • Strongly supports the bust and prevents its movements,
    • Rigid rubber supporting the bust,
    • No underwires,
    • Also dedicated to people after breast plastic surgery,
  • Lace bra for nursing mothers

    • Bra adapted to breastfeeding,
    • Elegant, lace trim,
    • Fastened at the back,
    • Adjustable straps,
  • Nursing bra Mums are underwired

    • Bra adapted to breastfeeding,
    • Smooth material,
    • Does not show through,
    • Fastened at the back,
    • Adjustable straps,
    • On the underwires,
    • -zł7.00

    Lace push-up bra SENZA LACE

    zł76.74 zł83.74
    • Push-up bra SENZA LACE,
    • Without underwire,
    • Removable shoulder straps,
    • Collects, raises and shapes the bust,
    • Additional reinforcement under the bust,
    • No unnecessary fillings in the bowl,
    • Stiffened monocup cup - bra in full,
    • Finished with elegant lace,
    • Same model without lace, but bigger
    • color range, see - 01-65 SENZA
  • A soft, underwired bra, lace, large cups

    • Classic lace bra,
    •      High-quality, elastic lace,
    •      Finished with a delicate elastic band, ensuring perfect adhesion to the bust,
    •      In addition, a layer limiting the show-through in the lower part of the bowl,
    •      On the underwire to support holding the bust,
    •      Wide straps,
    •      The same model for women with smaller bowls,
    •      bowls C and D - see 01-19
  • Bra for breastfeeding mothers

    • Breastfeeding bra,
    •      Plain,
    •      Pleasant to the skin,
    •      Without underwire, reinforced with rubber supporting the bust,
    •      Safe for the baby,
    •      Durable in use and care,
    • -zł4.00

    A soft bra with underwires

    zł46.24 zł50.24
    • Soft microfiber bra,
    •      Supported by whalebone,
    •      Built-up shape of the neckline,
    •      Adjustable straps,
    •      Delicate accessories,
    •      Great for large breasts - it collects perfectly,
    •      Very convenient,
    • -zł8.86

    Biustonosz push-up bez fiszbiny SENZA

    zł72.77 zł81.63
    • Biustonosz push-up SENZA,
    • Bez fiszbiny,
    • Odpinane ramiączka,
    • Zbiera podnosi i modeluje biust,
    • Dodatkowe przeszycie wzmacniające pod biustem,
    • Brak zbędnych wypełnień w misce,
    • Miseczka monocup - biustonosz w całości,
    • Ten sam model, w eleganckiej wersji z koronką,
      znajdziesz jako - 01-68 SENZA LACE,