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  • Size: C 70
    • -zł5.00

    Sports bra

    zł49.43 zł54.43
    • Sports bra,
    • Adjustable, wide straps to prevent sticking to the skin,
    • Fastened at the back,
    • Strongly supports the bust and prevents its movements,
    • Rigid rubber supporting the bust,
    • No underwires,
    • Also dedicated to people after breast plastic surgery,
  • Classic lace bra

    • Classic bra,
    • It has stiffened cups,
    • No unnecessary push-up filling,
    • Finished with a delicate lace,
    • Raises the bust
    • Delicate accessories,
    • Very elegant and feminine,
  • MERRY underwired padded bra

    • Bra with a padded cup,
    • Naturally raises the bust thanks to a specially shaped cup,
    • No unnecessary additional fillings,
    • Underwires to support the bust,
    • Delicate additions on the sides,
    • Detachable and adjustable shoulder straps,
    • Smooth pattern,
    • A similar model - with an additional push-up see - 01-63 GLORY
  • Ultrasonic bra - Push Up BLISS

    • Push-up BLISS bra,
    • Completely seamless product,
    • It lifts, collects and enhances the bust beautifully,
    • Support on built-in whalebone,
    • Removable shoulder straps,
    • Perfect fit to the body - ultrasonic technology,
    • Contoured bowl,
    • Smooth finish - universal,
    • Deep cut - perfect for blouses with a large neckline,
    • Similar model, but without underwires - see 01-81 AURA,
  • Super Push-Up Bra GLORY

    • GLORY super push-up bra,
    • Enlarges the bust by two sizes,
    • Soft, flexible push-up sponge,
    • Raises and enhances the breast system,
    • Finished with a smooth, pleasant material,
    • Delicate accessories,
    • Removable shoulder straps,
    • Similar model, but without push up cups -
    • see 01-66 MERRY
    • -zł3.45

    Soft bra

    zł23.35 zł26.80

    Soft bra,
         Without underwire,
         Delicate accessories,
         Very flexible,
         High comfort,
         Gently pressed cups, adapt to the shape of the bust,
         Perfect for girls on their first bra adventure,

    • -zł2.00

    Padded bra trimmed with microfiber

    zł48.24 zł50.24
    • Bra with padded cups,
    •      Trimmed from the outside with elastic material,
    •      The outer shell has antibacterial properties,
    •      Adjustable shoulder straps,
    •      Gently lifts the breast system,
    •      High comfort of use,
    • -zł8.86

    Biustonosz push-up bez fiszbiny SENZA

    zł72.77 zł81.63
    • Biustonosz push-up SENZA,
    • Bez fiszbiny,
    • Odpinane ramiączka,
    • Zbiera podnosi i modeluje biust,
    • Dodatkowe przeszycie wzmacniające pod biustem,
    • Brak zbędnych wypełnień w misce,
    • Miseczka monocup - biustonosz w całości,
    • Ten sam model, w eleganckiej wersji z koronką,
      znajdziesz jako - 01-68 SENZA LACE,